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Your French Mortgage application in five easy steps

1. Determine your budget
Discuss your requirements with one of our British mortgage advisers and together find out how much you can borrow,  develop your financial plan, the type of mortgage (repayment or interest only? Fixed rate, variable rate or caped rate?) that suits your profile for this project.  
Your mortgage adviser will be available to advise and guide you through each step of your project. 
2. Gathering and sending the supporting documents
You have positioned yourself on a property and signed a preliminary sales agreement. 
Your mortgage adviser will send you the mortgage application pack including the supporting document list, mortgage application forms. Your mortgage adviser will help you complete all the necessary documents for your French mortgage application. A French bank account can also be opened at this stage.

3. Compiling and Processing
Once we receive your supporting documents, your mortgage adviser will prepare your application to submit to the bank. It generally takes five working days for the bank to process your application and provide a decision. 
4. Accepting the mortgage
Your mortgage has been accepted, the bank will send you the mortgage offer. By French law, you can accept and send back the mortgage offer after a 11 day cooling period. The notaire will be notified and they will send you the exact amount you need to send them for the down payment and notaire's fee. 
5. Completion
The notaire has received from the bank the financed amount and your down payment and legal fees. Now you can sign at the notaire's office. 

·         consider using a currency broker for international transfers
·         Ask your mortgage adviser to recommend an English seaking notaire. For completion day an interpreter can be appointed (at your charge)

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