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Free, simple and easy to use, this application lets you access, from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or Blackberry devices, the main services offered by AXA Banque.
Already a customer AXA Banque?
-Access and manage your accounts directly from your mobile phone, 24h/24 and 7/7 safely;
-Check the status of your accounts: bank account, card, savings, loans, etc..
-Check the history of your transactions;
-Transfer funds immediate or deferred standing between your internal accounts and external accounts already recorded;
-Manage your payments already made (update / delete);
Direct contact-center opposition Visa cards if lost or stolen card;
-Contact your bank advisor directly from your mobile phone or email;
-Change your PIN online.


Not yet a customer?
-Discover the services and benefits of AXA Banque;
Check-products, selected for their simplicity and performance (daily banking, savings, investments, credits);
-Contact our advisers and bank 24h/24 6 days / 7 (except holidays): for any inquiries or subscription.
With the application AXA Banque 24h/24 stay connected with the best of the bank! So you can manage your accounts where, when and as desired.

Walter Limonier intermédiaire en opérations de Banque Mandaté AXA BANQUE Intermédiaire en opérations de Banque Mandaté AXA BANQUE et inscrit sous le N° 1051313836XA au fichier des démarcheurs bancaires ou financiers.

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